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25 Reasons to Study +2 Level at Bagmati

Bagmati Secondary School/College is a prestigious educational institution founded in 1996 by a group of experienced university professors and lecturers. The college has placed a strong emphasis on imparting knowledge, developing skills, and instilling life norms and values since its inception.

Bagmati SS/College is the first choice for students, and here are the 25 reasons why.

bagmati College students Sukedhara

1. Student-centred teaching methodologies

Bagmati SS/College follows modern and student-centred teaching methodologies. The students are made familiar with project- and inquiry-based learning. Most of the teachers use flipped classrooms that make the students more active.

Making the classroom more engaging and interactive is our primary concern.

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2. Excellent academic environment

Here, students have a favourable learning atmosphere. You will discover an encouraging environment as a student to realise your potential. You will get the chance to socialise with talented students who have come from different educational institutions.

You receive captivating and interactive lectures that improve your subject-matter expertise. While attending Bagmati SS/College, you also establish a good work ethic.

3. Outstanding result in the past

Bagmati SS/College has a proven track record of academic excellence. We have already topped the HSEB twice in both Management and Science. Even with the letter-grading system, we have consistently delivered outstanding results to the board every year. It reflects the academic environment that Bagmati College possesses.

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4. Active student life

Energy, it is stated, may be transformed but not destroyed. We channel our students’ energy into something positive. From engaging classroom activities to sports, our students participate in a variety of academic and extracurricular activities.

You will earn enough experiences at Bagmati SS/College that you will cherish in the later part of your life. This experience also becomes a strong foundation for your character and work habits.

active student life at Bagmati

5. Dedicated and qualified teachers

Bagmati SS/College has highly qualified and dedicated teachers. The teachers have years of teaching experience and are well-versed in current teaching practises as well as Bagmati SS/College’s teaching culture. The teachers are passionate about providing quality education and have extensive expertise in modern teaching methodologies as well as the use of modern teaching technologies.

6. Communication skills to help students become better communicators

Our students get frequent exposures to presentation and idea sharing platforms. They also get public speaking enhancement training from the professionals. During their study at Bagmati SS/College, the students groom themselves as a better communicator.

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7. Computer skill for all students

Without computer skills, it is nearly impossible to enter the job market. We have Computer Science education in both Science and Management. Aside from that, every other Bagmati student receives computer training.

8. Leadership skill

People management and leadership skills are what the students get at Bagmati College. There are six student clubs where students learn to plan, organise, and lead the programmes. They run activities related to sports, community service, music and dance, science and technology, hospitality and management, and art and literature. Bagmati College has plans and programmes that teach students leadership skills.

Students also learn other skills. At Bagmati, they become acquainted with student skills such as creative and critical thinking, writing skills, problem solving, and effective communication.

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9. Practical and experiments

Learning becomes easier when you do it through practice. In Computer Science, practical classes account for 50% of total class time. Similarly, students in physics, chemistry, and biology practise in labs twice a week. Other subjects are also enriched by research and field trips.

10. Dynamic leadership

Bagmati SS/College has a dynamic team of leaders who are committed to offering high-quality programmes, delivering students with adequate exposure, and upholding the quality of education that students receive.

11. Spacious, clean, and beautiful campus and classroom

You are spending two years of your life at Bagmati SS/College, and four years if you are a bachelor’s-level student. When you come to study, your atmosphere should be filled with comfort. Bagmati SS/College has a beautiful, earthquake-resistant building that gives students plenty of space to participate in sports and other activities.

The classrooms are standard in size and are spacious, bright  and airy. The seats are extremely comfortable. You’ll find calm and welcoming atmosphere here.


12. Regular sports activities

The students feel the vibrant array of sports activities on Fridays and some other occasions. From outdoor activities like basketball, futsal, badminton, and cricket to indoor activities such as table tennis, chess, and carrom, our students eagerly participate in the sports of their choice. These activities not only promote physical fitness but also provide a platform for socialisation, friendship, sportsmanship, and self-discipline among the students.

13. Computer lab with cutting-edge technology

Students of computer science enjoy working on computers that are smooth, functional, and support modern-day applications. Our students learn to code and work with other applications in the computer lab.

Students from other disciplines, in addition to computer science students, learn fundamental computer skills. These students learn and practise MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Photoshop applications up to the advanced level.

14. A well-managed library

At our college, we recognize the importance of a well-stocked library and have taken great care to develop one. Our library is housed in a spacious room and contains a wide range of books on various subjects, as well as journals and daily newspapers from Nepal and other countries. Online libraries are also available for voracious readers.

15. Well-equipped labs

Bagmati College has well-equipped laboratories for conducting experiments at any sophisticated level. Separate and spacious laboratories equipped with all necessary equipment for Hotel Management, Computer, Biology, Physics and Chemistry will definitely provide genuine and essential information for +2 level students of Science and Management streams. Students are encouraged to perform practical lessons independently under the supervision of concerned teachers.

16. Limited number of students in a classroom

One of the main reasons that you should choose Bagmati SS / College is that only a limited number of students are kept in a single classroom. The average number of students in a classroom is 34.

We prioritise the students’ well-being and care. The ideal numbers in the classroom help students get enough exposure and teachers’ attention. As a result, they excel in academic performance.

17. A strong network of Bagmatians worldwide

Bagmati SS/College has been offering academic services since 1996. More than 15 thousand students have graduated from this institution so far. We have alumni from all walks of life. This allows our students to connect with other students no matter where they go. We frequently invite our alumni to share their ideas with our current students.

18. Career and motivational counseling

Making a clear career path is always an uphill struggle for students. To choose the field in which you will work in the future, you need proper guidance and an understanding of it. Bagmati SS/College cordially invites distinguished guests to share their knowledge and experience.

19. Affordable fees

Bagmati SS/College provides a high-quality education at affordable fees. Despite the abundance of high-level facilities, the fees are affordable to all students. We ensure that students from diverse backgrounds have equal opportunities to pursue their educational goals by maintaining reasonable fees.

20. Scholarships in various categories

Bagmati College offers scholarship on three categories; SEE results, Scholarship Exam and special scholarship for deserving and needy students.

Scholarship Scheme for Grade XI and XII (Science, MGMT, Humanities, and Law)

GPA                Admission       Monthly Fee

4                      100%               100%

3.9 above         75%                 75%

3.6 above         50%                 50%

3.2-3.6             30%                 30%

Special scholarship

•           Full scholarship for the entrance-topper student.

•           Students ranking within the top 10 positions will get a 40 percent fee waiver scholarship.

•           Students from government schools or remote areas get a 40 percent fee waiver scholarship.

•           Scholarships in various categories are also awarded to needy and deserving students after the completion of the entrance exam and interview

21. Hostel facilities

Bagmati College has a separate hostel complex in the backyard of the college with all facilities available. The hostel serves hygienic food and clean environment.

22. Use of technologies in teaching-learning

We use technology to support our teaching and learning activities. Bagmati SS/College uses educational apps such as ‘Veda’ to inform students about assignments, homework, and notices. There are frequent uses of projectors and laptops in the classroom.

23. Different off-campus activities

Bagmati SS/College organises various off-campus activities such as tours, overnight stays, field trips, industrial visits and picnics. We believe that such activities socialise students and prepare them to live in harmony.

Bagmati College industrial visit

24. Extra Tutorial Classes

Extra tutorial classes will be provided to the students who seek special guidance from the teachers.

Additionally, we provide a language improvement and writing skill enhancement program for students who require extra assistance, ensuring a strong foundation for success in all subjects. We provide this program in college’s expenses.

25. Hygienic Rooftop Canteen

During working hours, the college runs a highly standardised canteen with hygienic food items for students and lecturers at a reasonable price.

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