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Sukedhara, Kathmandu, Tel: 4374881, 4374287 BAGMATI COLLEGE [BAGMATI BOARDING SECONDARY SCHOOL] dare to dream WE ACCOMPLISH +2 Science Management Humanities Law A Level, BBA & B.Sc. CSIT TU Proposed BBS

Bagmati College offers a comprehensive education that serves as a second home for students. Our institution recognises that the quality of education students receive in their formative years shapes their future accomplishments. Hence, we aim to equip students with the necessary skills and confidence to succeed in the competitive world of the 21st century. Our +2 and Bachelors programme is one of the leading academic institutions in Nepal, distinguished by excellent academic environments, confidence-boosting extracurricular activities, state-of-the-art facilities, and experienced and committed teaching faculties. At Bagmati College, we prioritise academic excellence through exclusive academic activities, resulting in consistently outstanding results in the NEB and TU exams. We always try to maintain a top-quality environment and infrastructure and adapt modern technologies for our learners' continued success. Bagmati College is the ideal place for students aspiring for a competitive academic career. We invite you to visit us and discover why we are worthy of your choice. I am also glad to let you know that we are launching the A level programme soon. Dr. Surendra Sitaula “Our +2 programme is one of the leading academic institutions in Nepal, distinguished by excellent academic environments, confidence-boosting extracurricular activities, state-of-the-art facilities, and experienced and committed teaching faculties.” Message from the Chairman

“Students are given every opportunity to gain academic success, achieve personal fulfillment, and develop their talents and social skills in a friendly and supportive environment.” ljBf bbflt ljgo+ ljgofb\ oflt kfqtfd\ . kfqTjfb\ wgdfKgf]lt wgfb\ wd{:ttM ;'vd\ .. –rf0fSo Welcome to Bagmati SS/College! As the principal of this college/ high school, I feel honored and privileged to be part of an educational institution where every stakeholder is a learner and every day is an opportunity to learn and discover. I am very confident that your sons and daughters will enjoy being part of Bagmati College. They will be given every opportunity to gain academic success, achieve personal fulfillment, and develop their talents and social skills in a friendly and supportive environment. Today, the role of a college or school is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower its students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and productive members of an ever-changing global society. This can only be possible in a holistic, student-centric environment. Learners at this college will develop an open and creative mindset for better critical thinking skills, learning how to build strong supportive relationships, understanding their own impulses, and developing empathy for others. Encouraging them to see the world from a global perspective, our learners are taught to become independent through experiences within and beyond the classroom, while technology is embedded in the learning process to enhance creativity. We aim to provide excellence in all our education programmes. We are certain that you will find Bagmati to be an excellent choice. Naran Sitaula "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." –Benjamin Franklin Message from the Principal

Bagmati College is a distinguished educational institution that was founded in 1996 by a group of experienced university professors and lecturers. Since its inception, the college has placed a strong emphasis on imparting knowledge, developing skills, and instilling norms and values in life. Located in Sukedhara, Kathmandu, Bagmati College is the leading college in the north-east part of the Kathmandu metropolis, with its own large and spacious campus of 20 ropanis of land, accompanied by a separate sports complex of international standards. Equipped with all the necessary requisites for the +2 level programmes of the National Examinations Board (NEB) and BBS affiliated to TU, Bagmati College provides an environment that nurtures students’ academic growth and holistic development.Though it is situated Mission We aspire to create an outstanding academic organisation that promotes educational excellence, fosters the character development of students, and serves communities and the nation by making a positive impact. Academic Philosophy Vision The vision of our college is to impart quality education to all sections of society. Bagmati believes that every child has the "right to education" with dignity and equal opportunity. Through our efforts, we shall endeavor to impart excellent lifelong experiences by providing an appropriate learning environment. in the heart of the city, it has adequate parking and modest gardens inside the college premises. The serene, quiet, and cosy atmosphere of the college provides a desirable academic environment. The college is also furnished with its own wellupdated computer labs, well-equipped physics and chemistry labs, and a kitchen for practical work. Our college has prioritised laying a strong foundation in academics, technology, morals, and social skills for our students. As a result, our graduates have excelled in national and international universities and have made a positive impact in various fields. With 27 years of academic service, over 15,000 students have graduated, creating a strong network of Bagmatians worldwide. College Background

Salient Features of Bagmati College Bagmati College's +2 programmes consist of Science, Management, Humanities, and Law studies accredited by the National Examinations Board (NEB), and its 27th batch of +2 students has just appeared in the board exams. Notably, students at the college have consistently excelled in the NEB exams, with an impressive pass rate and outstanding achievements. Having own international-standard, well-furnished complex. Involvement of renowned faculties Well-equipped laboratories, a high-tech computer lab, and a well-managed library. Adequate playground for students. Having modern and well-equipped seminar and conference hall with an IP board Different extracurricular activities, seminars, and workshops Having own International Standard futsal A strong network of Bagmatians worldwide Limited number of students in a classroom +2 Programmes Affiliated to NEB

Bagmati College has offered science classes since its inception. We lay a solid foundation for further study. Thousands of Bagmatians have already established themselves in fields such as medicine, engineering, biology, astrology, and biochemistry both in the country and abroad. I'd like to thank Bagmati College for all of their encouragement and support, as well as the environment that helped me achieve the 71st rank on the merit list in the IOM common entrance exam. I will be eternally grateful to this outstanding academic institution, and my attachment to the basketball court will always be with me. Prakash Bagdas IOM Full Scholarship, 2079 College’s academic environment plays a vital role in students’careers. I feel lucky that I got both an academic environment and career counseling at Bagmati College. They were instrumental in helping me achieve the 67th position in the IOE entrance exam, and I am now pursuing engineering study on a full scholarship. Sujal Mainali IOE, Full Scholarship, 2079 +2 Programmes Affiliated to NEB Science Studies Science Grade XI & XII Compulsory Subjects English, Nepali, Mathematics Optional (Any Three) Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science Outstanding result in the past We have a proud history of excelling in the national exams. Sonu Shrestha from Bagmati College has secured the board's first position in the HSEB Exam in 2064 in the Science stream. Pratush Shrestha also made remarkable history by securing the 13th rank in the IOM entrance exam in 2075.

Management Studies For 27 years, Bagmati College has been providing management courses, consistently adapting to market demands to ensure our students receive valuable knowledge and skills. Our goal is to prepare our students for success in the ever-changing job market. For that, we time and again update our teaching strategies to meet current industry standards. Why to Study Management at the +2 level? You will have diverse career opportunities. Multiple doors will be open for you in the fields of human resource management, banking, accounting, finance, trading, taxation, hotel and tourism industries, information and technology, marketing, NGOs, and INGOs. Management studies also empower you to become an entrepreneur and be your own boss, giving you the freedom to explore your creative ideas. As a management student, you will be able to see new opportunities and also understand economic changes in a dynamic world, equipping you with a competitive advantage in the global market. Studying management provides a strong foundation for pursuing various management-related courses such as CA, BHM, BBA, BIM, BMS, BCA, and BBS. Being a management student, you will have an edge over other students in entrepreneurial skills. Studying management helps develop a range of valuable skills, such as critical thinking, communication, strategic planning, and leadership, that make you an asset to any organization. Outstanding Result in the management stream in the past Sarina Aryal is our pride who topped the national examination of HSEB in 2063 in the management stream. Thorough discussion on the content, regular assignment habits, exploration of ideas through project work and presentations, encouraging learning environments, model question practices, and teachers’ constant remarks on my writing are the things that helped me achieve my result in the board exam. Bagmati College has the best learning environment for students. Susan Basnet GPA 3.9 in the NEB result. Management, Grade XI & XII Compulsory Subjects English, Nepali, Social Studies & Life Skill / Mathematics Optional (Any Three) Accounting, Economics, Business Studies, Computer Science, Hotel Management, Tourism and Mountaineering

+2 Programs Affiliated to NEB The humanities are extremely important for understanding and working with changemakers around the world. Studying the humanities equips you with skills such as emotional intelligence, critical and creative thinking, teamwork, and communication. If your passion lies in social services, media, fine arts, filmmaking, human rights, literature, or psychology, the study of the humanities becomes the perfect fit for you. Nurturing your emotional intelligence enables you to become more empathetic and creative. SOCIAL SCIENCES Humanities Studies Bagmati College has the best education. Along with exceptional academic programs, the college provides numerous opportunities for students to explore their hidden talents through extracurricular activities such as singing, dancing, and expressing thoughts. I was an introvert when I first started college, but the environment here encouraged me to sing and anchor, and as a result, I became the youngest news anchor at Kantipur Television. Aswini Sitaula Ex-Humanities Student Grade XI & XII Compulsory Subjects English, Nepali, Social Studies & Life Skill or Mathematics Optional (Any Three) Rural Development, Sociology English/ Economics Mass Communication

Why to study Law at the +2 level? To get enrollment in the best colleges for higher study in law To be a critical thinker and smart leader To share justice and protect human rights It is a well-paid and in-demand field all across the world. Law professions continue to be among the most in-demand and well-paid jobs in Nepal and abroad. You won’t have to worry about not getting a job either, since regular individuals, businesspeople, and companies will always need lawyers. Law Studies Bagmati College has been providing the best facilities and environments for law students as well. The debates in the classroom and moot court (court simulation) are some of the law-focused programmes at Bagmati College. Grade XI & XII Compulsory Subjects English, Nepali Social Studies & Life Skills/ Mathematics Optional Subjects (any 3) Jurisprudence and Legal Theories Procedural Law Constitutional Law General Law

Students Centered Teaching Practices Teaching methods at Bagmati College are modern and student-centered. The students are made familiar with project-based, cooperative, and inquiry-based learning and flipped classrooms. With the blend of these methods and the teachers' lectures, the students are encouraged to engage in critical thinking, in-depth textual analysis, and expressing ideas. Presentation Presentation is an important part of the learning process at Bagmati College, where students are encouraged to share their understanding of different subject topics through public speaking. This approach helps students in two ways. First, it enables them to gain a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Second, it boosts their self-confidence and communication skills. Project Work We believe in making learning enjoyable and engaging. To accomplish this, students are assigned project work each term, allowing them to conduct research on various topics while being guided by their teachers. From case studies on social issues to business problems and experimental science learning, students are encouraged to practice and showcase their potential, providing them with a practical understanding of the subject matter while also instilling essential skills for their future growth. Assignment The formation of habits is what our teaching method instills in our students. When our students go to the job market or continue their education at the university level, they take with them a decent working culture. We have already created an environment that fosters a positive work ethic, where students approach their assignments as opportunities to exercise their creativity and critical thinking Practical and Experiment Bagmati College provides numerous opportunities for students to learn through practice and experiments. Our state-of-the-art facilities include a cuttingedge computer lab and well-equipped physics and chemistry labs. The hotel management students get opportunities to practice in some star hotels. Audio-visual Students are time and again taken to audio-visual classes to support the teaching-learning process. This approach allows us to bring global leaders of the concerned subjects right into our classrooms, giving our students a unique opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and issues. We also understand that crises can arise unexpectedly, disrupting the normal course of education. That's why we are fully equipped to continue running regular classes even in times of crisis, such as during a lockdown.

Industrial Visit Students' learning is not restricted to the classroom. Biology students go on field trips, while management students visit industries and banks, all of which are designed to provide hands-on learning opportunities. Public Speaking Our students get to do what they love best: speak in public. You will have opportunities to become familiar with the challenges and minute details of public speaking. Social Work Bagmati College provides platforms for students to participate in community service. Our students organize interaction programs for socially disadvantaged communities. They also collaborate with other organizations to implement programs such as sanitation and social awareness. Students Clubs Bagmati College fosters a culture in which students are encouraged to develop their leadership and collaboration skills through the clubs that they love to be in. We have six different clubs representing different genres. Beyond Classroom Activities Sports (Regular and Tournament) Dress Etiquette Orientation Computer Skill: MS Word, Excel, MS PowerPoint Research and Presentation Literature Festival Field Visit Music and Dance Cultural Programme Beauty Contest and Talent Show Sanitation Campaign Volunteering Food Festival Science Exhibition Digital Marketing Orientation Welcome and Farewell Programme Long Tour Refreshment Outing Career Counseling Our Calendar Activities

Facilities Library At our college, we recognize the importance of a well-stocked library and have taken great care to develop one. Our library is housed in a spacious room and contains a wide range of books on various subjects, as well as journals and daily newspapers from Nepal and other countries. Online libraries are also available for voracious readers. Laboratory Bagmati College has well-equipped laboratories for conducting experiments at any sophisticated level. Separate and spacious laboratories equipped with all necessary equipment for Hotel Management, Computer, Biology, Physics and Chemistry will definitely provide genuine and essential information for +2 level students of Science and Management streams. Students are encouraged to perform practical lessons independently under the supervision of concerned teachers. Computer Education Bagmati College offers a state-of-the-art computer lab and top-quality computer science education for +2 level students. Additionally, we equip students from all academic streams with essential computer skills to keep up with the demands of modern education. Sports Futsal basketball cricket Table tennis Volleyball Chess Badminton Football Hostel facility Bagmati College has a separate hostel complex in the backyard of the college with all facilities available. The hostel provides special tutorial classes in difficult subjects for needy students. Extra Tutorial Classes Extra tutorial classes will be provided to the students who seek special guidance from the teachers. Additionally, we provide a language improvement and writing skill enhancement programme for students who require extra assistance, ensuring a strong foundation for success in all subjects. We provide this programme at college's expenses. Cafeteria The college runs a highly standard cafeteria with hygienic food items for students and lecturers during working hours at an affordable price. Counseling Service Students are provided with two types of counseling: emotionrelated counseling and career guidance. We help students deal with any emotional challenges they may face, thereby creating a safe and conducive environment for their overall well-being. Furthermore, our career counseling sessions provide in-depth information on the pros and cons of various fields, empowering students to make informed decisions about their future. Transportation Facility Our college offers convenient transportation services for students in need. Fee Structure The structure of the fee will be provided on a separate sheet attached to the prospectus.

Admission Procedures Scholarship Scheme Bagmati College offers scholarships in three categories; SEE results, Scholarship Exam and special scholarship for deserving and needy students. Scholarship Scheme for Grade XI and XII (Science, MGMT, Humanities, and Law) GPA Admission Monthly Fee 4 100% 100% 3.9 above 75% 75% 3.6-3.9 50% 50% 3.2-3.6 40% 40% Special Scholarship • Full scholarship for the entrance-topper student. • Students ranking from 2nd to 20th position in the scholarship entrance exam – 40% • SEE from the government school or remote area – 40% • Scholarships in various categories are also awarded to needy and deserving students after the completion of the entrance exam and interview. * This scheme is applicable to only one category. Eligibility Students seeking admission to Bagmati College for non-science streams are required to secure a minimum 1.6 GPA with a D+ in all the subjects in the Secondary Education Examination (SEE). Students who wish to enroll in the 11th grade science subject group should have at least a 2.0 GPA. Interview Each candidate who passes the entrance test is called for an interview. Final Result for Admission The final result of successful candidates for admission is published on the basis of the weighted average of the entrance test, interview, and SEE marks. Entrance Test Students must appear for the entrance test as scheduled by the college. The test comprises questions related to mathematics, English, Science/General Knowledge.

TU 4 years Bachelor of Business Studies The college possesses a separate sports complex of international standards to promote sports activities in the institute. The complex includes a standard basketball court and futsal court.

Bagmati College was founded by a team of dedicated and well-experienced university teachers. The excellent qualities of the faculties contribute to enhancing the academic environment of the college. Bagmati is well-equipped with all the necessary requisites for a bachelor's-level program (BBS-4 years) affiliated to Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Located in the heart of Kathmandu Valley, it has an adequate parking facility, a spacious playground, modest gardens, and green lawns inside the college premises. The serene, quiet, and cozy environment of the college offers a desirable academic environment. Our classrooms, tutorial rooms, conference hall, computer lab, and library have been specially designed for effective learning for students. Bagmati offers an international standard of learning under the guidance of highly renowned professors associated with Tribhuvan University. Students at Bagmati will receive innovative and personalized teaching from a range of well-skilled academicians and professionals. The objective of the BBS programme is to develop students into competent managers for any sector of organized activity. The programme is based on the principle that graduates will spend a major portion of their lives in a constantly changing environment. Therefore, the student should have opportunities to obtain a broad knowledge of the concepts and reality-based skills underlying the operation and management of organizations. Upon graduation, students should be equipped to function as managers in business, industry, and government. The graduate should also have a variety of career opportunities in different sectors of business, including entrepreneurship, and create much-needed jobs for others. Bachelor of Business Studies Proposed TU Affiliation Programmes: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) B.Sc. CSIT

Thanks to all the mentors whose contributions assisted me in getting a sterling performance. The institution has played a crucial role in boosting my hidden capabilities by providing ample resources in the library and facilitators in order to achieve an apex of success at the bachelor's level. Bishal Acharya 4th Rank 78%, Board Exam, TU Bachelor of Business Studies BBS (4-Year Programme) Course Offered for the First Year • Business English • Business Statistics • Microeconomics for Business • Financial Accounting and Analysis • Principles of Management Course Offered for the Second Year • Business Communication (Business English) • Macroeconomics for Business • Cost and Management Accounting • Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management • Fundamentals of Financial Management Course Offered for the Third Year • Business Law • Foundation of Financial Systems • Business Environment and Strategy • Taxation in Nepal • Fundamentals of Marketing Course Offered for the Fourth Year • Entrepreneurship • Fundamentals of Cooprate Finance • Management of Financial Institutions • Fundamentals of Investment • Business Research Methods • Final Project Equip the students with the required conceptual knowledge of business and administration to develop a general management perspective in them. Develop the required attitudes, abilities, and practical skills in students, which constitute a foundation for their growth into competent and responsible business managers. Encourage entrepreneurial capabilities in students to make them effective change agents in Nepalese society. Develop the necessary foundation for higher studies in management and thereafter take up careers in teaching, research, and consulting. The BBS programme especially attempts to:

Scholarship Scheme Criteria Admission Fee Monthly Tuition Fee 3.9 above Full Free Full Free 3.6 to 3.9 50% 50% 3.2 to 3.6 50% 25% 2.8 to 3.2 50% 15% Admission Procedure Eligibility: Students who have passed the +2 level in management and science or equivalent are eligible to apply for the BBS program affiliated to TU. Selection: The selection is based on • Previous academic performance • Entrance Test Score • Individual Interview Academic Session: The 4-year BBS program academic session commences in the month of Mangshir (November). Class Hours: BBS classes are conducted six days a week on the morning shift. It remains open except on certain government holidays and term holidays. A list of holidays is published in the academic calendar. Uniform: Uniform is mandatory, as prescribed by the college. Rules and Regulations: As per the code of conduct published by the college.

Administrative Team "Dear students, Welcome to Bagmati College, where we kindle your passion for the sciences. Join us today, and we will provide you with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to excel in the natural, physical, and technological sciences.” Bishal Parajuli Coordinator Science Studies “Dear prospect students, Unlock your full potential at Bagmati College, where we prioritise your growth in every aspect. With our nurturing environment, you will develop knowledge, skills, and character—the essential three qualities—to thrive in the job market.” Kabi Raj Rai Coordinator Management, Humanities and Law Studies Rishi Ram Pantha Senior Faculty (Management) Lekhnath Adhikari Senior Faculty (Law) Shiva Thapa ECA Academic Head/ Maths (HOD) Tek Raj Gurung Senior Faculty (Science) Phanindra Thapa Physics (HOD) Bipin Adhikari Accountancy (HOD) Shikha Tamang Front Desk (Morning) Buddha Theeng IT Officer Subash Chaudhary Senior Office Assistant Office Staff: Sangita Chaudhary, Aashika Tamang, Kamala Shrestha Kumari Thami Library Incharge Shristi Niraula Front Desk (Day)

Physics Mr. Devendra Rimal Mr. Dhurba Sapkota Mr. Phanindra Thapa Mr. Uttam Kumar Dhakal Dr. Raju Baral Mr.Arjun Risal Chemistry Mr. Bishal Parajuli (Co-ordinator) Mr. Nilam Kumar Deo Mr. Madav Acharya Biology Mr.Tek Raj Gurung Mrs. Sabina Shrestha Ms. Sangita Khadka Mathematics Mr. Shyam Datta Adhikari Mr. Shiva Thapa Mr. Nawaraj Kandel Mr. Ram Kumar Sah Nepali Dr. Dhurba Bhattarai Mrs. Bimala Sharma Mr. Ram Ranjan Poudel Mr. Prakash Pyakurel English Mr. Kabi Raj Rai (Coordinator) Mr. Bal Krishna Poudel Mr. Pramod Acharya Mr. Khem Raj Paneru Business Studies Mr. Suban Raj Devkota Mr. Mohan Bhatta Travel and Tourism Mr. Subash Raj Badu Mr. Nozal Koirala Economics Mr. Rishi Ram Pantha Mr. Manoj Bhandari Mrs. Indira Subedi Hotel Management Mr. Kiran Pokhrel Mr. Jimmi Shahi Computer Science Mr. Raja Ram Thapa Mr. Sahodar Dhungana Accountancy Mr. Bipin Adhikari Mr. Ramesh Raj Pandey Sociology Mr. Pramod Acharya Mrs. Ashmita Bastola Mass Communication Mr. Shambhu Raj Regmi Dr. Buddhi Sharma Social Studies & Life Skill Mr. Pramod Acharya Mr. Shambhu Raj Regmi Mrs. Ashmita Bastola Law Mr. Lekhnath Adhikari Mr. Sanjiv Ban Mrs. Bishnu Poudel Faculty Members Business English Mr. Naran Sitaula Mr. Bal Krishna Poudel Accountancy / Taxation Mr.Laxman Khatiwada Mr. Ramesh Raj Pandey Finance/ Investment Mr. Rajesh K. Chaulagain Business Statistics Mr. Nawaraj Kandel Business Economics Mr. Kanchan Thapa Mr. Krishna Giri Marketing / Entrepreneurship Mrs. Pragya Sharma FIN, POM & B. Environment / Fin. Mgmt. Mr. Nabin Nepal Business Law Mr.Lekhnath Adhikari HRM, OB & Project / Research Mrs. Seema Bhattarai +2 Level BBS Faculties


BAGMATI COLLEGE Sukedhara, Kathmandu, Nepal PO Box: 8312, Tel: 4374881, 4374287 Email: [BAGMATI BOARDING SECONDARY SCHOOL]