Bagmati College has offered science classes since its inception. We lay a solid foundation for further study. Thousands of Bagmatians have already established themselves in fields such as medicine, engineering, biology, astrology, and biochemistry both in the country and abroad.

Outstanding result in the past

We have a proud history of excelling in the national exams. Sonu Shrestha from Bagmati College has secured the board’s first position in the HSEB Exam in 2064 in the Science stream.
Pratush Shrestha also made remarkable history by securing the 13th rank in the IOM entrance exam in 2075.


Sonu Shrestha

1st Position HSEB Exam in 2064

Pratush Shrestha

13th rank - IOM entrance exam, 2075.

Prakash Bagdas
IOM Full Scholarship, 2079

Sujan Mainali
IOE Full Scholarship, 2079

Bagmati College possesses well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Computer and Biology.
Science Exhibition Biology Excursions* Beauty Contest & Talent Show Dress Etiquette Orientation Literature
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Career Counseling Research and Presentation Welcome and Farewell Field Visit Participations in Science workshops
Public Speaking Training Basic Computer Training* Regular Physics Practical Regular Chemistry



Computer Science Practical

The programmes sum up two years activities: * for Bio Group, and others are common programmes.